Z-95 headhunter
Z-95 headhunter
Product Information
Build Time1 seconds
Population Slots0
Technical Specifications
Tactical Health40
Shield Points40
Shield Refresh Rate3/sec
Hyperspace Capable1.5
Required Space Level1
Squadron Size5

Out-dated fighter armed with light laser cannons. Unremarkable except for its ability to hyperspace without a carrier ship and low cost of production. 5 fighters per squadron.

The Z-95 Headhunter was a starfighter in EAW and EAW:FOC. It was commonly used by mercenaries and civillians. It was pretty cheap, and used by the Alliance before the X-Wing blueprints were stolen. It is able to hold its own against standard TIE fighters and TIE scouts, but more modern starfighters have a serious advantage. Triggering the Z-95's special ability prompts it to scan the map in search of enemies. As such, it makes a convenient scout fighter.