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Bomber armed with proton torpedoes and ion cannons. Torpedoes are able to bypass shields. Ideally suited to attacking the larger enemy ships and space stations. 3 bombers per squadron.

The Y-Wing is generally better than its Imperial counterpart, the TIE Bomber. Its ion cannons are capable of disabling an enemy vessel's shields and weapons for a short window, allowing the bomber to complete its attack run unimpeded. In addition, its ion cannon makes it less vulnerable to corvettes than the TIE.

Class: Bomber
Affiliation: Rebel
Damage: 5
Tactical Heath: 60
Shield Points: 30
Shield Refresh Rate: 3 points/sec
Cost: 70 credits
Build Time: 13 seconds
Speed: 3.0
Hyperspace Capable: Yes (1.5)
Sublight Speed: 3.0
Population Slots: n/a
Req. Space Station: Level 2
# Per Squadron: 3 fighters

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