Victory Class Star Destroyer
Victory cruiser
Product Information
Build Time30 secs
Population Slots3
Technical Specifications
AffiliationGalactic Empire
  • Amount: 2
  • Health:800
  • Range: 1800
  • Rotation: 44°
  • Rate of Fire: 1.16 shots/sec

Ion Cannon

  • Health:1000
  • Range:1800
  • Rotation: 44°
  • Rate of Fire: 1.16 shots/sec
Tactical Health800


  • 330
Shield Points330
Shield Refresh Rate50 points/sec
Hyperspace Capable1.5
Required Space Level3
Squadron Size100

Description: Edit

Heavy frigate armed with 2 enhanced turbolaser batteries and 1 ion cannon battery. Also carries 6 TIE fighter squadrons and 3 TIE bomber squadrons. Can take down enemy shields quickly to compensate for its fewer turbolaser batteries.

This is primary Imperial capital ship from Tech 2 until Tech 4, when you get the Imperial Star Destroyer. It has several advantages over the Acclamator, such as more fighters and stronger weapons. However; it is more expensive, its shield generator can be destroyed, and its weapons are limited in variety, making the ship less versatile.

It is a good idea to station at least one of these ships at outlying space stations, as their firepower will come in handy. They are also useful for chasing down missile frigates in this situation.