If anyone out there still edits, please respond to this.

As some of you may now, I am the founder of this wiki, and currently the only admin. That may change depending on some people's answers. I have returned from my huge inactivity, and I'm making this to help organize the major project I want to accomplish.

Things I will do

This is a list of all of the things I am going to do immediately. So don't worry about them, work on the stuff below.

  • Improve Main Page and make other necessary pages
  • Make templates for the articles
  • Find and recruit members, and promote other admins

Things we need to do

  • Continue to make articles, even if they have minimal content. They will be improved eventually.
  • Create a Manual of Style. I will need help with this, and it will include a basic layout for pages, so they are uniform and go together nicely.
  • Upload more images

I will add to the lists above as time goes on, but these are the basics. Again, I do not know how many of you are still out there, or if I'm in this by myself, but if you're reading this please either respond or edit my talk page. We can make this wiki amazing if we all work together.

Also, I apologize to everyone for my inactivity. When I left, I was probably the only one here, and progress was basically nonexistent. I forgot about the wiki, and I realize I have been the only admin. This will change, and I will do my best to work on the wiki that I started. Just bare with me. -Crazy-Lihkan38 16:59, August 29, 2011 (UTC)