This is a template page for new users to know the expected page format of this wiki. DO NOT EDIT THIS PAGE! Those who do will find their work erased. This is considered vandalism and we do not tolerate it in this wiki. To make a page of your own just click "Add a Page" button on your right hand side of the screen. It is my best wishes that this page is helpful to you.

Normal Format

Note: Before you make a page, type in the the name of the new page in the search box, so we don't get two of the same articles, or overwriting a redirect page.

The title always goes here. When naming article, please put in the charactor's name or the name as it appered in the game, not something like "The Fast Spacefighter" and more of a "A-wing Starfighter" or if your game got a specific name format, "RZ-1 A-wing Interceptor.'"' And most of all, please make sure the the spelling is correct...


Put your description here...

(put the previous version of the series before your mod name here)" and then paste the readme.


This infobox let us know what is the cost of this unit or what it is effective against.


Name here
Product Information
Build Time--
Population Slots--
Technical Specifications
Tactical Health--
Shield Points--
Shield Refresh Rate--
Hyperspace Capable--
Required Space Level--
Squadron Size--


Be creative and put some pictures if you like! Remember to put in the sources in this section too! A picture with a cation also really helps...


What map is your charactor on?


Well, it's like our version of "Behind the Scene," basiclly it's a place for you to fill in information about the comparison of the game and the movie version.


Anakin Skyobiliviator

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