Tatooine is a Desert system that can be conquered in EAW.


Tatooine has two severe environmental factors that can be crippling to any land forces these included sand devils which will instantly kill or destroy any land unit that gets in its way, the second is the occasional sandstorms that reduce rocket accuracy giving infantry a hard time against vehicles.

Tatooine has 4 indigenous species; Humans, Hutts, Jawas and Tusken Raiders. Humans and Jawas are friendly to the Alliance and the Hutts are friendly to the imperials, Tusken Raiders are hostile to everyone. As well as this Tatooine is home to 3 other creatures; Banthas, Womp Rats and Rancors Banthas and Womp Rats are harmless but may get in the way of troop movement. The Rancor however are hostile and will attack all units.

The Benefit of owning the Tatooine system is the Light Armour Bonus which improves all light vehicles armour by 10.

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