Tartan patrol cruiser


Light patrol cruiser armed with 4 laser cannons. Well suited to defeating fighters and bombers. It can temporarily transfer power to weapons for added firepower at the expense of shield protection.

The Tartan-class corvette has less armor, but stronger shields than its Rebel counterpart, the CR90. It also possesses fewer weapons than the CR90, but is able to divert extra power from shields and engines to its weapons to compensate.
The Tartan comes as garrison for all Imperial space stations of levels 2 and above, a key deterrent to Y-Wing + A-Wing swarms that Rebel AI often employs.

Class: Corvette
Affiliation: Empire
Damage: 20
Tactical Heath: 500
Shield Points: 800
Shield Refresh Rate: 10 points/sec
Cost: 1250 credits
Build Time: 15 seconds
Speed: 3.45
Hyperspace Capable: Yes (1.5)
Sublight Speed: 3.45
Population Slots: 2
Req. Space Station: Level 2