Description Edit

T2-b tank


The T2-B is a medium Alliance tank armed with 4 rapid-fire laser cannons. It is very fast, and makes for a suitable scout vehicle. T2-Bs are very effective against infantry, and doubly so against light Imperial vehicles such as Scout Speeders and TIE Maulers, as their shields will take a large amount of small-arms fire. Their special ability enables them to patrol the map automatically for enemies. 5 vehicles per company. Their shields, firepower, speed, and low cost make them ideal vehicles for a Raid Fleet.

Statistics Edit

Class: Light Vehicle
Affiliation: Rebel
Damage: 6
Tactical Heath: 100
Shield Points: 150
Shield Refresh Rate: 8 points/sec
Max/Min Attack Distance: 200.0/0.0
Cost: 100 credits
Speed: 2.3