Empire at war

"The Eclipse" and "The Executor" Super Star Destroyer

The SSD (also called Super Star Destroyer or Star Dreadnought) was a colossal war ship, built by the Empire to eliminate the rebels and their other enemies.


The Super Star Destroyer Executor was a huge ship and flagship of Darth Vader. It is one of the Empire's most famous weapons and most terrifying starships, after the Death Star. Even though Darth Sidious' flagship was bigger, the Eclipse which was added to Empire at War in its expansion, Forces of Corruption.


Several of these were built prior to the destruction of the Death Star I. There were multiple SSD's built, ranging from 2,5 KM to 19,5 KM. Darth Vader's flagship carried the name "Executor". It was destroyed in the Battle of Endor, after its shields went down, and Green Leader flew his A-Wing into the command bridge, destroying it, and causing the now out of control ship to collide with the Death Star II.