Imperial soldiers well suited for garrison duties and neutralizing light enemy
EAW Stormtrooper
2 squads (of 9 soldiers each) per company.This unit can capture reinforcement points, build pads and some structures.

Weak against just about everything but other Infantry these standard imperial soldiers are effective in numbers and carry a E-11 Blaster rifle. In swarms these evil clad shock troopers can be deadly to light and medium tanks. Especially weak against Anti-Infantry turrets and MPTL artillery.

Class: Infantry
Affiliation: Empire; Empire of the Hand
Damage: 1
Tactical Heath: 40
Shield Points: 0
Shield Refresh Rate: 0 points/sec
Max/Min Attack Distance: 140.0/0.0
Cost: ? credits
Speed: 0.8
Empire at war .

Stormtroopers fighting a Rancor