Eaw pirate ic

Black Pirate Interceptor Frigate

Interceptor cruiser armed with 2 turbolaser batteries and a proton torpedo launcher, designed to defeat freight convoys and light military escort ships.

The ship should not be used in heated conflict with other similarly-sized ships; underneath its shielding lies a very fragile hull with only 3 hardpoints holding it together. If not faced with shield-penetrating foes, the Interceptor Frigate should hold its own against ships of its size or smaller.

Class: Frigate
Affiliation: Pirates, Empire, Rebel
Damage: 30
Tactical Heath: 3200
Shield Points: 700
Shield Refresh Rate: 50 points/sec
Cost: credits
Build Time: seconds
Speed: 2.2
Hyperspace Capable: Yes (1.5)
Sublight Speed: 2.2
Population Slots: 3
Req. Space Station: Level