The Mon Calamari Cruiser is the Rebellion's heavy attack cruiser armed with 4 turbolaser batteries and 2 ion cannon batteries. It is invulnerable to shield generator destruction. This ship can only be built on Kuat, Sullust, Fondor, and Mon Calamari, as it is a Capital Ship. 

Mon Calamari Cruiser
Mon calamari cruiser
Product Information
Cost4000 credits (Campaign)

4500 credits (Skirmish)

Build Time90 seconds (Campaign)

30 seconds (Skirmish)

Population Slots4
Technical Specifications
ClassCapital Ship
Tactical Health8500
Shield Points2000
Shield Refresh Rate50 points/sec
Hyperspace CapableYes (1)
Required Space Level4 (Campaign)

5 (Skirmish)


This ship is strong against Acclamator-class and Victory-class cruisers, and weak against bomber units.


The Mon Calamari Star Cruiser is one of the Rebel's most reliable and strongest battleships. During the game, one of the characters you can receive is Admiral Ackbar and his flagship Home One. This is definitely a good ship, as you will have to gain control of Fondor (The nearest planet that produces Capital Ships) and Fondor is heavily guarded. Unlike the Empire, Rebel ships cannot produce fighters because they have no hangar.