Rebel troopers alongside one on an unknown Forest World


Bonadian civilians escorting one

Extremely powerful against stormtroopers.

Overview Edit

The Mobile Proton Torpedo Launcher-2a(MPTL-2a) was an artillary tank of the Rebel Alliance. It made its debut on Kashyyyk aiding Han Solo. It is based on the successful MPTL, and was produced by the Loratus Manufacturing Company.

Characteristics Edit

The tank often displayed an awesome amount of firepower, even destroying Imperial AT-ST and 2-M repulsor tank in just a few shots. It was designed to take mere seconds to deploy and undeploy, even out-pacing Imperial artillery in that respect. However, they still suuffered the basic drawbacks of all artillery units, slow speed, and highly vulnerable to anti-tank fire. After the war ended, it probably went into New Republic service.