Marauder cruiser

Marauder Missile Cruiser

Missile frigate armed with incredibly long ranged Diamond-Boron missiles able to inflict great damage. Suffers from low accuracy, weak armor, and poor maneuverability.

The Marauder-class is a missile frigate that is essentially a long-range artillery piece in space, requiring spotters to function effectively. However, whatever is caught in its missile barrage is very likely to be destroyed; any fighter group will be destroyed, corvettes and medium frigates will likely fall apart, and larger ships will suffer considerable damage. Space stations are the most vulnerable target, as they cannot evade missile launched at them, and are large and easy to hit.

If left unprotected, however, the ship is very easily dispatched, as it has weak armor and shields, is comparatively slow, and cannot use its missiles effectively at close range.

Class: Corvette
Affiliation: Rebel
Damage: 20
Tactical Heath: 650
Shield Points: 300
Shield Refresh Rate: 12 points/sec
Cost: 1800 credits
Build Time: 15 seconds
Speed: 1.8
Hyperspace Capable: Yes (1.5)
Sublight Speed: 1.8
Population Slots: 2
Req. Space Station: Level 2