Interdictor cruiser

Interdictor Cruiser

The Interdictor Cruiser Specialized cruiser designed to prevent enemy hyperspace retreat and to jam incoming enemy missiles and torpedoes. The ship's weak hull, poor shields, and its gravity well generator make it an attractive target for Rebel bombers; armed only with 4 transport-grade laser cannons and its unreliable missile jammer, it cannot adequately defend itself without support.

Class: Frigate
Affiliation: Empire
Damage: 20
Tactical Heath: 700
Shield Points: 800
Shield Refresh Rate: 60 points/sec
Cost: 3000 credits
Build Time: 50 seconds
Speed: 2.2
Hyperspace Capable: Yes (1.5)
Sublight Speed: 2.2
Population Slots: 3
Req. Space Station: Level 4

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