Highly trained special-weapons soldier armed with sniper rifle and able to plant explosive devices.
This unit can capture reinforcement points, build pads and some structures.
Rebel infiltrator


Class: Rebel Agent
Affiliation: Rebel Alliance
Damage: 8
Tactical Heath: 70
Shield Points: 0
Shield Refresh Rate: 0 points/sec
Max/Min Attack Distance: 325.0/0.0
Cost: ? credits
Speed: 1.4

Weaponry Edit

Infiltrators normally carried a sniper rifle and a dagger but their best weapon is a thermal detonator. Come in a group of 2 and is highly effective against infantry like stormtroopers and grenadiers.

NOTICE: Infiltrators do not have a take cover action so they are more vulnerable to front line attacks and should almost never be used as a frontline assault infantry.