Imperial Barracks FoC

Imperial Barracks (Milbar C-427)

Imperial Barracks or Milbar C-427. Desgined by Delvin Constructs it was a barrcks used by the Empire to build stormtroopers

and scout troopers at a low price. The Barracks could hold several companies but was very cramped. Most planets owned by the Empire would have a barracks or two. All barracks could upgrade there troops equipment to improve there fighting,speed etc.The upgrades are Increased Mobility to make infanty run faster and Survial Training  to make sure that the weather does not affect the troops. When under attack the barracks will produce 1 company of stormtroopers[2 squads with 9 troopers in each squad] and 1 company of Scout Troopers[2 troopers].   

Build Price: 500 credits

Cheap Build Price: 375 credits

The Imperial Barracks quite small and cramped

The Imperial barracks quite small and cramped

Unit Price

Stormtrooper: 60 credits

planet bonus and cheap price: 48 credits

cheapest price: 33 credits

Scout Trooper: 150 credits

planet bonus and cheap price: 120 credits

Unlocks: Officer Academy