Eaw hv gun

HVs-2 hypervelocity gun

The HVs-2 hypervelocity gun was a fixed planetary defense weapon used against orbiting space-craft such as capital ships by the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War.[1] Very effective against most space units; it will pierce shields to destroy multiple hardpoints on larger ships, and kill corvettes in a single shot, given that they don't move.

It is important to field multiple hypervelocity guns on your outlying worlds during Galactic Conquest, because they will likely come under heavy attack from Rebel starfleets. The most important targets for the HV in these engagements are Marauder-class cruisers; though they may damage your space station, they must stand still to do so, making them vulnerable to the HV cannon.

Hyper gunshot

HVs-2 hypervelocity gun firing at a Alliance Space Station

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