Corellian gunship

Corellian Gunship

Fast patrol cruiser armed with 2 laser cannons and 4 concussion missile launchers. Dominant missile weaponry can damage enemy ships even if their shields are up.

Class: Corvette
Affiliation: Rebel
Damage: 25
Tactical Heath: 550
Shield Points: 800
Shield Refresh Rate: 15 points/sec
Cost: 1350 credits
Build Time: 20 seconds
Speed: 2.1
Hyperspace Capable: Yes (1.5)
Sublight Speed: 2.1
Population Slots: 2
Req. Space Station:

Level  2

This ship is extremely useful and versatile, especially when used en masse. You can use them to run in, deal a lot of hull damage, and boost its engine power to get away. However, if caught by a Star Destroyer's tractor beam, then it's toast; unless is destroys the tractor beam with missiles.

Due to the Gunship's armament, it is slower at destroying fighter squadrons than its CR90 counterpart.