Corellian corvette

2 Corellian Corvettes in battle.

The CR90 Corvette is a fast patrol cruiser armed with 8 laser cannons. Designed to destroy fighters and bombers. Its engines are extremely powerful, and capable of drawing power from the ship's weapons, allowing it to safely run away from any fight it can't win. They are extremely useful; a group of 5-8 can easily destroy almost any number of fighters sent against the group, as well as shred most unshielded targets regardless of size.

Like most corvettes, the CR90 is best suited to engaging fighters and suppressing unshielded hostiles. If not micromanaged well, however, they are quickly destroyed by larger warships.

CR90s come as garrison for Rebellion space stations of levels 2 and above, forming a vital defense against hordes of TIE Bombers.

Class: Corvette
Affiliation: Rebel
Damage: 20
Tactical Heath: 750
Shield Points: 600
Shield Refresh Rate: 15 points/sec
Cost: 1250 credits
Build Time: 15 seconds
Speed: 2.45
Hyperspace Capable: Yes (1.5)
Sublight Speed: 2.45
Population Slots: 2
Req. Space Station: Level 2


Strong Against...

TIE Fighter

TIE Interceptor

StarViper starfighter

TIE Bomber

Weak Against...

Acclamator Cruiser

Imperial Star Destroyer

Interceptor 4 frigate

Victory Class Destroyer

Vengance Frigate

Famous Rebel ships Edit

Sundred Heart The flagship of captian Raymus Antilles, The Sundered heart has enhanced engines and, suprisingly, includes a atom disentegrating device allowing it to weaken enemy weapons. It was most likely destroyed with Alderaan, most likely being docked there.

Tantive IV The infamous ship used by Princess Leia. During a mission over Tatooine, it was attacked by the Devastator, a Imperial star destroyer. It was probably destroyed by the Empire after its capture with the tractor beam.

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