A company is a larger grouping of soldiers.

In Empire at WarEdit

Companies are treated slightly diffrently, depending on the unit type.


For Infantry, a company is the second size of groupings. Squads are the actual groups into which Infantry are organized, but Squads are then grouped into Companies, the number of squads that make up a company differ.


Number of Squads

Stormtroopers = 2


Rebel Troopers = 3

Rebel Plex Troopers = 2


Everything ElseEdit


Number of individual soldiers/vehicles

Scout Trooper* = 2

2M Tank = 4

TIE Mauler = 5

AT-ST = 4

AT-AA = 3


MPTL Tank = 2 (Plus 2 Spotter Droids

T2B Tank = 5

T4B Tank = 3

Infiltrator* = 2

Snowspeeder = 3

  • Though technically, these units are classified as Infantry, they aren't organized into Squads, THEN Companies, like most Infantry, but rather, just as Companies.

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