Capital Ships are the largest, and arguably most important, ships in a fleet. They're purpose are to be much larger than most ships, and therefore provide major firepower. Although they are usually slower than most ships, they can be used as effective wrecking balls, and hold their own against many other ships. Their only weaknesses are usually only bombers, and other capital ships.


Mon Calamari CruiserEdit

Mon calamari cruiser

Mon Calamari Cruiser

Created and named after the Mon Calamari, these large ships were made to counter the Empire's Star Destroyers.

Home OneEdit

A special Mon Calamari Cruiser piloted by the Alliance's Admiral Ackbar. Even larger and more powerful than the main cruisers, it's a valuable asset to any fleet.


Imperial Star DestroyerEdit

Imperial star destroyer

Star Destroyer

The Star Destroyers of the Empire evolved from the Venators used by the Republic in the Clone Wars. Designed to be huge and capable, and to express the pure power of the Empire's navy.

The AccuserEdit

A larger version of the Star Destroyer, Captain Piett pilots his flagship that has more powerful weapons than the average Destroyer.

Super Star Destroyer (FOC)Edit



A truly gigantic ship, the Super Star Destroyer was built to be Darth Vader's flagship, and to inspire fear into the galaxy by symbolizing the Empire's limitless power.

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