Assault Frigate MK II

Assault FrigateMKII

Special Attributes
Turbolasers Battery

x 2
- 350 health
- 1400 range
- 31° rotation
- 1.49 shots/sec

Laser Cannon Battery

x 2
- 350 health
- 1400 range
- 31° rotation
- 0.91 shots/sec

Engines 350
Tactical Health 3000
Shield Points 900
Shield Refresh Rate 63 points/sec
Max/Min Attack Distance 210.0/0.0
Cost 2500 credits
Speed 2.7
Class Frigate
Affiliation Rebel
Hyperspace Capable Yes (1.5)
Population Slots 3
Req. Space Station Level 3
Assault frigate mk ii

Assault Frigate MK II

Rebel Assault Frigate MkII

Side view

Heavy assault frigate armed with 2 enhanced turbolaser batteries and 2 laser cannon batteries. An advanced combat ship with emphasis on firepower at the expense of durability.

The Alliance to restore the Republic's answer to the new Victory Class Destroyer, the Assault Frigate MK II is the successor to the Assault Frigate MK I. It's essentially a Nebulon-B frigate with more health and shield strength.

It was manufactured by Rendelli Star Drives, the producers of the famous but old Dreadnaught-Class Cruisers.

Strong Against...

Acclamator Class Frigate

Tartan Patrol Cruiser

Interceptor IV frigate

Crusader Class Gunship

Weak Against...

Keldabe Class Battleship

Vengance Class Frigate

Imperial Star Destroyer