180px-Delvin Constructs Model Fac L-113 Imperial Light Vehicle Factory

The Advanced vehicle factory's smaller cousin the light vehicle factory

The Advanced Vehicle Factory is the Empire's most important vehicle structure. It builds the mighty AT-AT.

AT-AT-1600 credits. Can deploy 2 squads of stormtroopers.

SPMA-T-1200 credits. Good against infantry, can deploy at long range to fire.

Lancet-1200 credits. A aerial attack vehicle the Lancet is good against most ground forces except for AA-turrets and snowspeeders.

Juggernaught-1300 Credits. A troop carrier it is good against artillery and enemy infantry while carrying light vehicles and stormrtroopers at the same time.

2-M Repulsor Tank-1200 credits. A well rounded tank not so good against infantry but packs a big punch against artillery and light vehicles.

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