At-at walker
Product Information
Cost1000 credits
Build Time--
Population Slots--
Technical Specifications
ClassHeavy Walker
Tactical Health1000
Shield Points--
Shield Refresh Rate--
Max/Min. Attack Distance{{{hyperspace}}}
Required Tech Level{{{splvl}}}
Company Size1


The All Terrain - Armored Transport, or AT-AT is an Imperial heavy walker. It is armed with twin heavy laser cannons. Thick armor compensates for its slow speed. It's capable of deploying up to 3 companies of Stormtroopers. It can also attack snow speeders (and probably air in general).


  • Very good against all enemies but the snowspeeder and Plex trooper.
  • If under attack by PLEX Troopers deploy stormtroopers to deal with them.
  • Always bring AT-AAs with them so you can deal with the pesky snow speeders.
  • If your AT-ATs are being cable-attacked by snow speeders, immediately stop the transport and wait until the black cable fades away before having the walker move again.

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