2-m repulsor tank

2-M Repulsor Tank

Medium tank armed with a rapid-fire laser cannon. Repulsorlift engines let the tank float quickly and effortlessly across the battlefield. 4 vehicles per company.

The 2-M is the closest Imperial equivalent to the Rebel T2-B. The vehicle is armed with a rapid-fire medium laser cannon, as well as a burst cannon for killing infantry. It is able to divert power to its weapons, at the cost of speed and shield strength.

Class: Heavy Vehicle
Affiliation: Empire
Damage: 10
Tactical Heath: 200
Shield Points: 100
Shield Refresh Rate: 8 points/sec
Max/Min Attack Distance: 180.0/0.0
Cost: 125 credits
Speed: 1.80

Strong Against...

T-2B light tank



Weak Against...

T4-B Heavy Tank

Canderous Assault Tank

MZ-8 medium tank